DANIEL GILLBERG is a Swedish maker living in Oslo, Norway. He is trained within the fields of both art and art conservation and holds a degree in 'the science of conservation of cultural property' with a specialisation in paper conversation. His education within the field of ceramics is built up by both schooling and training with different potters as well as taking on long and short courses and several master classes. He is currently running his own business in Norway, working both as a studio potter as well as running a small paper conservation studio in the centre of Oslo.

Daniel gives creative workshops on the topics of composition and decoration and has exhibited and sold his work in various settings both within and outside Scandinavia.

His ceramic work is mostly focused on functional high fired earthenware. Daniel build up his decorations in layers combining various graphical techniques, paper resists, decals and gold luster as well as transferring some of his own photographical works on to his pots. In his ceramic work he retells the stories of places, spaces, people and animals he meet on his way. Every pot tells a different story and becomes a unique item to discover.

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