To be picked out as one of almost 1000 cups is

very humbling and truly inspiring and motivating!

Making pots that fit the hand is very important for

me and it is one of my main gols when making

functional work. I don´t just want the vessle to

be inspiring or interesting to look at, I whish for

the new owner to actually use it in their every

day life. This is why the motivation for picking out

this perticular cup was something extra to























MARCH 2018


During the big NCECA conference many interesting and great conversation takes place. Besides listening to interesting talks and trying to take in all the exhibitions, meeting your friends and collegues from all over the world is one of the best things with this whole event. Maud Andersson (SWE), Helle Bovbjerg (DK), Paul Blais (US) and I, sat down to talk for a while. Paul moderated and turned our conversation in to episode 414 of the Potters Cast.  


"While at NCECA I had the privilege of sitting down with this group of Scandinavian potters to talk pots. Maud Andersson, Helle Bovbjerg, and Daneil Gillberg talked about how Scandinavian potters approach clay differently from American potters. It is an interesting conversation of differences".


You can listen to it all here:





Paul Blais is the host of the American podcast 'The Potters Cast'. Interviewing both well known established potters as well as part time makers around the globe, he asks them to tell their story. He invited me for a conversation that became episode nr 292. You can listen to it over at The Potterscast E292


Thanks for inviting me Paul!

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