I wish for my work to function as a meeting point between people and the tactile values that only a hand crafted object can bring. Making functional work is a way to connect with people around the globe - from one pair of hands to another. I try to make comfortable work. Work that feels good to pick up and to touch and it is of great importance for me that my work is being used.

My practice as a studio potter started out with a great fascination for the traditional Scandinavian slip ware. I still look for inspiration in both the Scandinavian, Japanese and English ceramic traditions but am becoming more and more inspired by the urban landscapes and its many uncensured voices channeled through the street art and all the secret scribblings that is to be found around the cities. My work has traveled from traditional slipware to become a fusion of then and now where I try to tie together the everyday trivial with the values of the traditional craft. This is reflected in my work by my choice of materials. I am still working with earthen ware clay and various slips, I just build more layers onto it to create my narratives, often from various types of printing with additions of transfer collage from my own photographic work.

Alongside my functional work I am also making more decorative graphic work such as tiles and wall pieces. My photo tiles can be found in public spaces across the continent where they are left to be discovered by the public ar who ever stumbles upon them. A small gesture that somehow mirrors my interest in people and all their told and untold stories.


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